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Tens of thousands of successful cases of clinical application have been recorded since 1972, as partially listed below:

No. Name Gender Age Symptoms before using CaM Usage period Improvements after using CaM
01 Xiao Shu-Zhi Female 56 Chronic perleche;Grade 4 osteoporosis 1 week;4 months Cured from perleche, without leaving any scar; osteoporosis reduced to grade 3
02 Chen An-Rong Female 31 Excessive calcification of the bone, resulting in severe pain 1 week Significant relief from aches; calcification of the bone has returned to normal
03 Chen Xin-Hai Male 56 Speckles on the face; frequent backache 1 week Facial speckles disappeared; complete relief from backache
04 Zhao Ye-Wen Female 52 Excessive calcification of the bones; constipation 1 week Complete relief from aches; bowel function back to normal
05 Lu Qiu-Xu Female 58 Grade 1 osteoporosis 1 week;4 months Improved energy level; increased strength in the bones; bone mass returned to normal
06 Lin Shu-Ling Female 36 Grade 1 osteoporosis 4 months Bone mass returned to normal
07 Zheng Han-Zhong Male 76 Weak knees, frequent ache 2 weeks Regained strength in the knees; able to use the stairs again by himself
08 Chen Xiu-Yue Female 51 Chronic sciatica 1 week Significant relief from aches
09 Zhang Shi-Lin Male 45 As the result of an accident, his knees were unable to bend, and he could not stand for long 1 week;4 months Able to bend his knees and stand for a long time again
10 Han Zhen-Fang Male 79 Dull skin, age spots 1 week;1 month Return of healthy sheen to the skin, and the age spots have significantly faded; age spots disappeared
11 Wu Jun-Xiong Male 60 Chronic backache without known cause 1 week Significant relief from backache
12 Lin Ren-Zhu Female 56 Occupation-related severe backache 1 week Significant relief from backache; return of healthy sheen to the skin
13 Zhuo De-Fu Male 60 Bedridden for many years after suffering stroke; bedsore due to diabetes; those sores on the back and ankles are bone-deep 1 week The sores have closed up; able to sit in wheelchair
14 Pan Hai-Long Female 50 Menopausal syndrome; hot flashes; weak knees 1 month Significant relief from hot flashes; regained strength in the knees
15 Fang Yin-Fu Male 47 Varicosity in the left leg, resulting in pain and lack of strength; suffered from many chronic diseases: heart disease, kidney stone, pancreatic inflammation, angina pectoris, resulting in low energy level 1 month Regained strength in the left leg; significant relief from aches; improved vitality and outward appearance; chronic diseases in check
16 Zhang Huang A-Xue Female 66 Severe grade 4 osteoporosis; frequent backache; requires corset to help support body weight 1 month Significant abatement of osteoporosis; complete relief from backache; conditions continue to improve
17 Lin Rong-Zhu Female 34 Frequent backache; high liver index; low energy level, fatigue 4 months Complete relief from backache; liver index back to normal level; regained energy level, with no more fatigue
18 Yang Yan-Chang Male 62 Leg cramps due to long-term dialysis; lack of energy; dull skin 6 months Complete relief from leg cramps; regained energy level; regained healthy sheen in the skin
19 Xiao Zhang-Shu Female 84 Severe aches throughout the whole body after an accident; bedridden as a result 4 months Complete relief from aches; able to move around in wheelchair
20 Lu Lin-Xi Female 78 Suffers from autonomic dysfunction: uncontrollable trembling of the limbs, and insomnia due to nervous excitement 6 months Complete relief from insomnia; no more trembling in the limbs


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