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Healing Effects After Consuming CaM



Ways To Manage

Thirst and Feeling Heaty

Increase metabolism rate and cause water loss, leading to more fluid demands.

Consume ample amount of water.

Aches and pains; especially joints

Your body is renewing and strengthening the specific areas in your body.

Continue consuming CaM.

Restlessness/ Energized, Insomnia, Loss of appetite

Your body is metabolizing its’ additional energy and fats reserve.

Its’ effect will disappear after a few days.


Inadequate fluid in the body

Consume more fruits, vegetables and ample amount of water.

Weight Gain

Your body regains the natural state in absorbing nutrients.

  1. Skinny individuals

CaM is regulating your muscles and fat compositions in your body.

  1. Overweight individuals

Temporary water retention in body.

Continue to consume CaM and maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Drink plenty of water aids in toxin elimination.

Weight Loss

Eradication of excess fluid retention, toxins or increased in metabolism and functions of the organs.

Continue to consume CaM and may accompany with MILS to enhance its’ weight reduction properties.

No Reaction

Either your body is already in good state or changes are not apparent.

Try to do some exercises. You may find out that your immunity system is enhanced.

Rashes, hives, acne outbreak

Eradication of toxins, adjustment of balance in body hormones or increase in function of immune system.

Continue consuming CaM and ample amount of water. Your body will gradually eradicate toxins and restore its natural balance.

Internal aches/pain

Body is renewing or restoring the natural state of your affected areas.

Continue consuming CaM and ample amount of Water.

Dark/Sticky/Smelly Stool

Eradication of excess toxins from the body

Consume ample amount of water (up to 2000ml)

Irregular Menstrual volume or period

Hormonal adjustment within the body

Continue consuming CaM and ample amount of Water. Take sufficient rest and reduce intake of ice/cold products.

After consumption of CaM , your body may begin to regulate and adjust itself to its natural and balance state. It may present some healing effects stated above. Upon taking CaM, your body will initiate eradication of toxins and also enhancing its’ self-renewal process. Therefore, these healing effects may lead to some temporary discomforts such as aches, dizziness, bloatedness, and increase in heartbeat, rashes, easily irritable, vulnerable to sickness and even skin sensitivity.

This is the body’s natural reaction to eradicate and reinstate its natural balance.

Therefore you have to consume ample amount of water (approximately > 3000ml) to provide a desired amount of fluid for your body to carry out this change.

If you have any current medical conditions relating to the organs stated on the table below, the following healing effects may apply to you after consuming CaM.


Healing Effects

Liver disease, hepatitis B

Nausea, hives, tiredness, weakened limbs, fatigue, bloatedness

Acidic body

Fatigue, feel like sleeping in the day, thirsty, frequent urination

Gout, rheumatism

Aches and pains, heatiness, cloudy white urine,  decreased energy, joint inflammation


Increased heartbeat, chest heaviness, breathing difficulties, tingling sensation over chest


Dizziness, light headedness


Temporary blood glucose level rise, increase in urination,  slightly water retention in hands and legs

Women related diseases, Menstrual pain

Increase/decrease/ irregular menses, early period, tenderness, dizziness

Intestinal diseases

Heatiness, constipation, loss of appetite, queasiness, bloating, abdominal cramps, increased in bowel activities

Constipation, HemorrhoideHeh

Blood may be seen in stool


Dizziness, light headedness,unable to sleep at night

Kidney diseases

Drop in protein levels, water retention over the body, decrease in urine, foamy urine, back aches

Lung diseases

Cough, increase in mucus secretion, cloudy yellow mucus

Sensitive nose/ sinusitis

Increase frequency in sneeze, headaches and stuffy nose

Arteriosclerosis (stroke)

Fatigue and loss of strength; especially on the affected area, light headedness

Sensitive Skin

Hives, thirst, fatigue, unpleasant smell  through secretions

Low blood pressure

Fatigue, thirst, frequent urination

Low Immunity

Tend to feel  sleepy, fatigue

If you want to find out more on how to better manage these healing effects whilst maximizing the efficiency of taking CaM, please consult the nutritionist for more details.


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