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Knee Pain Back Pain Osteoporosis Rheumatoid Arthritis


Remedy for Bone Spur and Heel Bone Spur

As you become older, there us a great chance that you will be experiencing different pains in your body like hip pain, neck back pain, spine pain, pain in the back and many more. Normally, you will be experiencing those kind of pains when you do an activity that needs too much or even mild amount of body movement. Additionally, one of the causes of your body pain is the osteophyte or also known as bone spur.

Osteophytes are little bones that is formed on your normal bone which is normally caused by inflammation like tendonitis or degenerative arthritis. It can also be found in the part where inflammation occur or in an injury that is near your tendons or cartilage. It can also be linked with numbness, tenderness, pain and even weakness if it irritates your adjacent tissues.

Furthermore, one of the types of osteophyte is heel bone spur. It just similar to osteophyte however it occurs in your heel bone that can cause either extreme and mild foot pain or pain in the heel. With the pain that it can give to you, jogging, running or even just walking can be really difficult on you part. Having that kind of condition is indeed not a helpful thing, so if you are experiencing it, you better treat it.

Knee Pain Back Pain Osteoporosis Rheumatoid Arthritis

Heel Spur. Bones of the Foot and Ankle. Calcaneal spur. Calcaneal spur a bone excrescence on the lower surface of the calcaneus which frequently causes pain on walking.

Moreover, the following below are some of the heel spur treatment that you can do to lessen the every possible heel pain that you will be experiencing.

  • One of factors that adds to the pain that you are experiencing in our heel is the shoes that you are wearing. As much as possible use shoes that you can be comfortable and doesn’t have high heels.

  • Another simple heel pain remedy that you can do is performing a stretching exercise. With stretching exercise, you will be able to treat it and even prevent another formation bone spurs in feet.

  • Looking also for a licensed therapist that can give you a helpful therapy on your feet can also be a big help for you. With their knowledge and skill, there is a bigger chance that the pain that you will be experiencing will effectively fade.

  • However, if those three simple heel pain treatment is not 100% effective on you, then the best thing that you can do is to undergo a surgery for bone spurs. With the help of your surgery and most especially your expert doctor, the spurs that can be found in your feet will be gone. Once the spurs are gone, there is an assurance that you will not anymore feel any extreme or mild pain.

Jogging, running, walking and going to different places while you are experiencing pain on your feet will definitely just ruin your day or activity. With it, you will not be able to move comfortably and immediately. So once you have that kind of foot injury, make sure to treat it instantly for you not to miss any fun moment or activities with you friend, family or special someone.


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Knee Pain Back Pain Osteoporosis Rheumatoid Arthritis