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An Overview of Arthritis

Arthritis Knee Pain  Back Pain  Cervical Spondylosis


Those who are affected by arthritis fully understand the pain and discomfort that one has to go through. For many victims, finding a way to reduce the pain, which is a common characteristic of this condition is top agenda. Before finding solutions to arthritis, it is important to first have a thorough understanding of what this disease entails. Arthritis is caused by joint inflammation and is often a combination of various conditions. This inflammation causes discomfort because affected joints become painful thus limiting an individual’s movement or lead to a hunch back or kyphosis.

The most common symptoms of this illness include sciatica, leg pain,shoulder pain, lower back pain and knee joint pain. For several individuals, this excruciating pain has a negative impact on human health and development. When you are suffering from this disease, sometimes it becomes impossible to perform your routine daily activities such as bathing, dressing and walking.  It’s worth mentioning that arthritis is no longer an old man’s disease but also affects younger sections of the population.